Problem with GDMSetup in Home 3.2

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Problem with GDMSetup in Home 3.2

Post by kopibean » Sat Feb 12, 2005 6:27 am

Hi, I have reinstalled Home 3.2 twice over the span of 1 day and finally found out what is the problem with my inability to launch application from XFCE. Here's goes:

I have installed Home 3.2, performed the magic twice (first to update X11, and the second to update Alsa and net) and all went well. When it next bootup, I am able to see the GDM login screen and I promptly login as gentoox. From there, I am still able to launch my terminal window, firefox from the bottom xfce start menu without problem.

Next, I followed the tutorial steps to disable the GDM to auto-login as gentoox. The step is as follows:

1) Boot your Xbox and wait for GDM to start.
2) Login as gentoox and su in xterm.
3) Launch "gdmsetup" from xterm.
4) Tick "Login a user automatically on first bootup".
5) Select the user "gentoox" in the box below this.
6) Tick "Login a user automatically after a specified number of seconds".
7) Set the user "gentoox" in the box below this.
8) Set the number of seconds in the box below this to "1" (note that 0 will NOT work as it counts 0 as infinity).
9) Click the "Close" button at the bottom right of the window.

After the above steps, I performed a reboot and it indeed bypass the login screen and goes straight into the xfce with the xfce start menu at the bottom of the screen. BUT this time, when I clicked the terminal icon, or firefox icon, nothing happen and the apps wasn't launch. The only icon that is working at this stage is Reboot and Shutdown.

What can I do now to restore the setting so that I can launch the app from the start menu?? Can any expert kindly help??? I have been spending the last few days replicating the problem and finally documented the detailed steps to get this problem. Thanks.

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