How do you install programs when you can't use 'Emerge'

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How do you install programs when you can't use 'Emerge'

Post by djdafreund » Wed Jan 12, 2005 6:25 am

For example, i downloaded a KDE theme (winxp one) and the only versions (emerge won't work here of course) i see to download are the .gz and .rpm versions. I know from trying it out that the .gz version is basically a zipped version, so i unzipped all the files, and tried to install the theme, which kinda worked fine, but still needs 2 other things (icons script, and mod's script) that still need to be ran (according to the included instructions.) Which maybe i just haven't learned correctly how to properly run a script file.
But my question i also wanted to know in general is when installing a proggie, or utility, what would be the correct linux version that you would want to download for Gentoox? Like, would .rpm's not work (well, without having to install/configure extra software just to make it work? So you would get the .gbz or .gz version or something? Would that be correct? And what method to properly install stuff after unzipping the files to wherever you choose?
Please bare with me, i've spend about 20 hours now the past 3 days learning from scratch using Gentoox, and think i'm learning pretty quick. I've already changed (i switch back and forth between KDE-mostly, and xfce depending on needs)

- my background (up'd from my pc background i use),
- changed most of my icons (manually since i couldn't figure this manually install of additional themes stuff out yet)
- re-orginized my entire taskbar on bottom of screen to come close to xp's -Start which the xpthem i d/l'd kinda mimics.
- re-orginized my entire KDE menu (the Start menu similar one) to be orginized the same as my XP desktop, removing the links to programs i know i will never use (by moving all to a submenu way in there, in case i change my mind someday.
- Manually installed AIM, by using the tip ('AIM site doesn't allow grabbing, manually download software, and put in /usr/portage/distfiles, then emerge -filename- again) and made a desktop shortcut, using a AIM icon i made with photoshop (screen captured the icon in windows, then cleaned it up a bit)
- Setup all my Samba stuff, and FTP (for PC-XBox transferring)

I'm loving learning Gentoox so far, and think i'm learning pretty fast, using google to get most answers i can find (when i know the right keywords best matching my question that is.) and knew NOTHING about linux 3 days ago.

But i can continue forward with the help/tips/answers on what exactly is required with how to install programs that aren't "emerge"able. Where in that case, a user has to manually do things. Thanks so much guys for the help. I promise i will start sharing my help/experience with others as well when i can, and in time the more i learn myself to be able to start helping out. :)

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