Alsa Midi Problem

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Alsa Midi Problem

Post by MarceL » Fri Dec 31, 2004 2:42 am

Ok, i'm a newbie in Linux...and in english too... ;)
But i spend a lot of time to find an answer to my problem : i want to play Kar (karaoke) files on my box !
First mission : understand alsa, timidity and oteher possibilities...
So :
- Sound is OK (Alsa load, xmms play mp3 file, midi file with plugin)
- Kmid won't play midi files (no dev/sequencer => error), no possibilities to setup midi...

I update alsa driver : kmid make no errors but don't play files...
and after reboot : sound card not recognized...
Run magic to repair and back to my first problem...

Help ! Is anyone played karaoke files on Gentoox ? is it possible in the future ? is it possible to configure Kmid in a special way ?

Thx for your help and sorry for my bad english...

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