I try to chinese my gentoox, but some problems about fontset

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I try to chinese my gentoox, but some problems about fontset

Post by esonic » Mon Dec 27, 2004 3:41 am

hm...I had tried chinese the gentoox(kde 3.3), and it works. But after I got chinese window, I try to have chinese input method(it's xcin). I installed it, and set locale. but it gave me a warning (said "invalid font BIG5-0") and a error(said "fontset setting error"). From xcin website, I read that it need the font "-*-24-*-BIG5-0". I already installed the two chinese font Ming and Kai by fonts installer, but its name isn't like that. And from the xcin website, they use the command "xlsfonts | grep big5-0" to display the font that xcin need. So I think my question is how to install fonts that by the command "xlsfonts | grep big5-0" could be showed? or do I need to adjust the fontset or something?

OK!I find what's wrong. It needs correct fonts that may not be ttf....but still some problem....that i need to ask xcin group.....

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