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looks like the latest magic reverts to a fixed IP

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 4:48 pm
by Anastrophe
Hi Shallax,

I just ran magic, it updated the kernal, VNC et al.

After reboot it's left me with a 192.168.1.xx IP address which i assume is a static address as I'm running 192.168.0.** from my DHCP server. This means (as I'm sure you know) majic can't finish the update :-(



Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 10:24 pm
by ShALLaX
The new magic doesnt even touch networking. All it does is allow me to set a version number in the magic file, if this number is bigger than the one currently stored on your hard drive, it forces the script to exit and the user must restart it. I'd say your DHCP server is broken.