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G drive is mounted, but files are garbled

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 6:00 am
by aarbrown
Hello everyone,

I have just installed gentoox on my F: drive, non native install. I did the following to mount the g drive and to set it to automount at boot:

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su -
mkdir /mnt/fatx/g
chmod 777 /mnt/fatx/g
echo /dev/hda56\ /mnt/fatx/g\ fatx\ defaults,umask=0000\ 0\ 0 >> /etc/fstab
mount /dev/hda56
I have three folders in my g drive, however, gentoox sees 11 folders and 3 files and all of them have names like ??????|? Y?'Bx??U.

Is the partition table of my g drive corrupt? if so, is there anyway to preserve the data?