looking for help with my USB to Serial cable

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looking for help with my USB to Serial cable

Post by phumaguy » Tue Nov 28, 2006 12:38 pm


This is the first time I'm posting a question, although I had some diffecultys in the past with my Gentoox pro I never had to ask a question because I had enough help by other peoples answered questions.

My problem at this moment is that I'm trying to connect a Serial cardreader to my xbox using a modified xbox cable (xbox -> usb) and a usb to serial cable.

I don't know wich port I need to point the software to in order to be able to read from the card reader.

But next thing is that I don't think the proper driver/software is installed that will activate the proper port for me I need to use for my card reader.

I've looked into the pl2303 file but can't find an answer anywhere. I'm missing the pl2303.o file wich isn't provided with my cable (only Windows drivers came with the package) and I'm getting lots of errors when trying to compile (using 'make pl2303') the pl2303.c/.h files.

Can somebody help me out with this one please? It is so frustrating :-(


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