fan speed up, flashing orange LED then power off

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fan speed up, flashing orange LED then power off

Post by paultman » Sun Aug 13, 2006 10:28 pm

Ok, i've searched a ton but can't find the answer for this problem.
To set the stage, i've installed gentoox many times in the past, usually natively.
This time i'm doing the native g: install w/ softmod and i'm all setup nkpatcher, custom g start, etc. but before that i have to boot from a non-native e: install.
The only problem is that although I can boot up with the softmod and get to my evox dash, once I select gentoox I get the behavior as I stated in the title.
I thought, oh well it must be something in my softmod config, so i switched my modchip on, booted to evox, selected gentoox, "E:\gentooxx.xbe" and still same, unable to boot with orange led and powerdown.
Then I thought, ok, maybe my files were corrupted, so i reinstalled to E via the gentoox cd and still same.
Though if I boot from my gentoox/cromwell bio i'm fine, or if I boot from the gentoox cd, i'm fine, both boot linux perfect.
I don't understand why i can't boot from the dashboard (softmod or modchip). I swear before I did the softmod configuration I could boot from dashboard (though it was a while ago).

Any help? Thanks a ton guys,

P.S. to add more info: xbox 1.0 (bought the first morning they went on sale), 128meg ram, 40gig notebook drive (5400 hitachi), x2 5035/m8/cromwell bios, font exploit softmod (only to get custom gentoox g: install)....

problem in a nutshell, boot from modchip, select gentoox (e:\gentooxx.ebe) from dash, doesn't boot (fan speedup, orange blinking led, xbox poweroff).

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