Overscan with LCD-TV (720p) - please help

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Overscan with LCD-TV (720p) - please help

Post by PizzaPooch » Fri Jun 02, 2006 5:17 pm

Hi everybody!

I've got a little (more or less) problem.
First I have to say, that I have read A LOT of threads related to this issue, but couldn't find a way to solve it in my case.

I have a modded 1.0 XBox with a SmartXX chip and the newest X2 bios. I use the latest T3CH release of XBMC as dash. From there I start Gentoox home 4.0, which is stored on drive E.

Now is the problem, that I have major overscan issues on my 32" Samsung LCD-TV, which is connected through a HD cable to the XBox.
Neither the bootscreen of Gentoox, nor XFCE is displayed properly.

I've tested all posted tipps (fbset, xbvset, xorg.conf), but all ended in a "no signal" message from the TV after a reboot.

Please help me. It would be nice, if anyone can take me through the important steps. I admit, I am a Linux newbie, but the posted help in other threads is easy to follow - unfortunately nothing can solve the problem.

It would be very kind helping me. I've stuck with this problem for a long time and now I think is the time to ask capable users :)


P.S. I am German, so please forgive my bad english.
P.P.S. My Xbox is NTSC, though

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Post by PizzaPooch » Fri Jun 16, 2006 6:31 pm

Is noone able to help me? :(

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split the problem in half

Post by StickyIckyBud » Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:00 am

so... ssh works fine? Linux is up and running but your 32" Samsung LCD-TV is not accepting the signal? Have you tried just stright and standard RCA jacks? Have you tried all options in xbvset - even if they are "wrong" maybe you could get SOMETHING...

NTSC - 640x480
Composite - 800x600

try 'em all. Always no signal?

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