permissions with partition containing rootfs and samba

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permissions with partition containing rootfs and samba

Post by trex6662k5 » Tue May 23, 2006 12:21 am

I understand that people are getting fustrated over the fact that initrd mounts the partition with rootfs as root only so samba users cant makes changes to that partition. I too had the same fustration and have made a lil crappy tutorial. This is what i was looking for and i hope other people have found what they are looking for to solve their problemsOpen up a terminal and su
Editing linuxrc

Browse to the partition containing initrd.gz
cd /mnt/fatx/X (Replace X with partition) (My setup /mnt/fatx/e)

Copy initrd.gz to a temp location
cp initrd.gz /tmp

unGzip it
gunzip /tmp/initrd.gz

Make a mnt directory and mount it
mkdir /mnt/initrd
mount /tmp/initrd.gz /mnt/initrd -o loop -o rw

Open linuxrc for editing
nano /mnt/initrd/linuxrc

(Ill make this more sleepy)
Near the top of the document theres going to be mention of Umask=022. Change this to umask=000
Quit and Save

Unmount the file
umount /mnt/initrd

Gzip backup
gzip -9 /tmp/initrd

Copy to C partition
cp /tmp/initrd.gz /mnt/fatx/c

Reboot out of linux, in to a dashboard such as XBMC and backup the current initrd.gz (where rootfs is)(by renaming it to initrd.gz.bak) and copy the modified initrd.gz from C to E (You could do this in Linux but i didnt so I dont know)


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