Stream server question

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Stream server question

Post by ZhivaRebirth » Tue May 09, 2006 7:52 pm

Fist hi, i used to be zhivazhiva but i lost my old email, so im presenting myself again with this nick, and worst, first post.

In the times when Shallax's Hard Drive died and the site went down and he had pictures of the web serving xbox's i made a Gentoox Home edition installation on a xbox console, with a 80GB Hard drive.

Happy times where those. But now the drive stands there, fried, useless. But i must tell, it lasted since the Shallax's dead drive times to last week -*-*-ALWAYS ON AND WORKING -*-*- Again is comunitary work for " like 15 orphans with only 2 cheap PC's and the xbox, besides, they are taking away the tv soon, so xbox as a pc/game console is not an option anymore, but they have speakers".

Now i'll put it to work with a 200GB Hard drive (donated, i expect it to be 100% working) as a:
a) file server
b) lan mp3 player

I've read the cheesyboofs (HOW TO: NATIVE INSTALL with reiserfs ) guide and it solves the a) topic.

Now, after completing the guide th xbox will be a great NAS. So sweet, SAMBA is so sweet.

But, now there is the b) topic.

I've only seen slimserver on action

What recomendations do you have for the schema i've told you? is Slimserver OK ?

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