Framebuffer Console

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Framebuffer Console

Post by tt67s » Sun Mar 05, 2006 12:25 pm


I found out in the inet, that framebuffer console depends on installed x-server. On boot there is the pinguin graphic, wich tells me that framebuffer is working, without magiced x-server in gentoox pro.

Thats what makes me wonder. My question now is...

Is that by default running framebuffer support, automatically the so called "framebuffer console" or do i need to do something to enable it.

The sense of this is to use (if possible) such framebuffer for watching jpeg, bmp and tif files and to use links in a grafik mode, with pics, etc. (Is that possible (maybe) without extra svgalib?
And can i use that framebuffer with mplayer, movies, etc?

For short, can i get globally grafic output without x-server?

Thanks for info / wisdom :-)

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