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Need Help With A Component Connection

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 3:51 am
by death_driver_911
Hi. I have a 27 inch CRT moniter with component hook ups. I bought an HDTV pack and gave the original composite cables to a friend. So my setup is an xbox (version 1.1) a high def pack hooked up through component (no high def tho) on a regular 27 inch tv (not HDTV). When I start gentoox, all i get is a blank screen. Is there any way to correct this?


Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 11:12 pm
by vplayer
do you have regular cables.. do you get video with that. Once you do, then run xbvset and change your video settings for gentoox. Connect with component cables and try then.

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 12:27 am
by death_driver_911
yes my stock cables work. I borrows a friends to try it out. I ran xbvset and selected HDTVbut well couldnt go any farther becuase it asks wheather I wanted to use 420p or 720p. My tv doesnt have any high def modes though. I tried 420p and 720p but still no results.


Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 7:29 am
by Pobtastic
Your *only* option with those cables is to run Home version 3.0c or lower. The reason being is that after this version Shallax changed the video 'output' (for want of a better explanation!) so as soon as a highdef kit is detected it switches to highdef mode. In 3.0c and before, everything was just 'forced' for whatever you're using. That's your answer... Just don't run magic afterwards and update it!