wintv + usbvision

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wintv + usbvision

Post by pietaer » Mon Sep 12, 2005 8:39 am

Hi all,

I know that usb 1.1 is to slow for watching tv etc. But I need a s-video-in for a special application on my xbox. The quality is not important.

I have trouble to use my wintv usb on the xbox. I can compile the driver from and load it. There are no errors. If I try to start mplayer or xawtv I get only a black screen. After I quit mplayer or xawtv my usb keyboard is locked (the mouse is still alive – it is a Logitech mouse and keyboard together device). I try it with gentoox and xebian. It is always the same…

The driver works fine on my notebook (with kernel 2.6.11).

Has somebody access with a wintv (or other usb tv-card) on a xbox)

What can I do? Is there another way to get a s-video in for the xbox?


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