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xbvset parameters for a real HDTV not X2VGA on a 1.6 at 480p

Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 1:42 pm
by LamaZ
GreetZ all,
Let me sum things up, here is my hardware/software:

><box version 1.6
200GB hard disk
Booting into GentooX using the loader.xbe
EvoX m8 bios
Monster Video HDTV cable
Sony 47inch HDTV capable of 480p (among other things)
GentooX Home Version 4.0
Installed to F drive (NOT native install)
Running XFCE

OK so I have installed my GentooX, and have set my video using xbvset to 480p. I still have a little bit of overscan. I have noticed that the xbvset script adds some lines to one of the start up scripts.

Already set the video output to 480p via xbvset. I have Googled AND searched this forum for my answers and have come up short. Most people here are trying to run there 1.6 through some sort of adapter like X2VGA, NOT me.

1. Are there any additional command line parameters that I can tell xbvset?
2. What are these lines that are being added to which script by xbvset, and can I get some info to try to tweak these values a little bit?
3. Should I try running the video setup program in XFCE, already re-did xbvset from a terminal window?

Your cooperation is appreciated,


Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 9:32 pm
by vplayer

look at fbset, maybe that will help

one of the threads viewtopic.php?t=2797&highlight=fbset

but a search should give u more...

hope that helps,

Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 12:35 am
by LamaZ
Yes, the beloved fbset command. A while back I got heavily into trying to "fix" the overscan and had done lot's of homework in regards to fbset. I can't find the forum that I was on, but somebody somewhere posted the biggest explanation I have ever seen about the dreaded fbset parameters. They went into detail talking about how to move the screen left, right, up, down and how the numbers need to add up to some magical value.

I guess I'll have to dig up my old homework and start from scratch. I had high hopes that there would have been some headway made by now.

Shallax, nice job on the installer with a 1.6 box. The install was MUCH easier than before.