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Port Forwading

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 5:41 pm
by souteneur3190
On my computer and on my xbox when I try to use programs such as lime wire or xkai or what ever I always get some error telling me check port forwading, I look it up on the Internet and I see a lot of stuff on ruters, but I have a Netgear FSl08 SWITCH. Im not sure if it make a lot of diffrence but its giving me a lot of problems, and I think you have to configure it on every computer in your network. In my case 3, but I only care about my XBOX and 1 other PC.

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 10:19 pm
by clpalmer
A switch and a router are two different things and it does make a difference what you have.

You'd have to describe a little more about what your setup is (your cable modem/dsl comes in and is plugged into what, which is plugged into what, which connects to your pc and which of the above has a firewall or NAT running on it, etc).

A switch (to which the Netgear FS108 belongs) is just a basic message passer and doesn't have the capability to block or route anything. I'm not sure how limewire or xkai works, but I imagine what it's saying is that either someone's trying to make an incoming connection to you or you're trying to make an outgoing connection and something (ie. a router, NAT, or some firewall software) is blocking it.

Let us know more about what hardware and software you have and we can try to help more. That or make sure if you have any firewall software running, it's not blocking whatever ports limewire/xkai is trying to use.