People with wireless usb network adapters

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People with wireless usb network adapters

Post by Scrufdog » Mon Jun 13, 2005 2:01 am

So after looking around i see some people have gotten usb wireless adapters to work, some havent, etc.

For those that have them, which adapter do you have and how easy was it to get it to work? I have an AT&T Plug&Share 6602G for my PC that doesnt seem to have support in Linux from anyone so I'm looking to get an adapter specifically for GentooX. This is so that when I travel i can get on the net wirelessly if the hotel doesnt have wired net.

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Post by Trevante » Mon Jun 13, 2005 4:01 am

I use the Microsoft MN-500 and the linux-wlan-ng drivers.

At first everything was pretty straight forward as far as loading the drivers went, but I had trouble getting a working internet connection (local connections were fine though). But I eventually figured it out, all I had to do was run dhcpcd and I got a working connection easily.

As far as I know however, there is no WEP support (or at least it isn't fully functional) in these drivers, and I don't think it has a program to scan for wireless networks (although there might be some other program one can use, but I haven't looked myself), so you'll need to know the SSID of the network you're connecting to.

Apart from that, they work as needed and are pretty easy to setup. Personally, I just created two scripts that allow me to start and stop the WLAN connection, so I can just get on my home network as needed, so everything is as simple as typing wlanstart, or wlanstop.

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