remote control only does the wrong things

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remote control only does the wrong things

Post by otto » Sat Apr 30, 2005 5:31 pm

I wanted to install the Microsoft remote control to work with gentoox but it doesn´t even work in the gentoox loader or cronwell.
In gentoox loader it switches between the icons but I can´t choose one and in cronwell it start´s autmatic the network boot if I press any key.
There´s no Xpad connected to my xbox only the remote control.

If I let gentoox boot and want to do there something with the remote controll it only moves the mouse but not the right way the mouse goes sideways but doen´t stops it moves straight on even if I press no button.
I also installed Lirc and configurated it for the remote controll but it shows no help for the mouse problem.

please help me.
thanks otto

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