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will linux work on 1.6 xbox

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2005 6:01 pm
by hoover
Im just wondering if 1.6 will handle linux, i have heard about over scanning , how is that over rided. my box has x3ce chip.

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2005 4:27 pm
by cheesyboofs
You need to read about, Gentoox works fine on a 1.6, apart from the overscan support, Oh and no temp sensing. It depends what you want from your xbox, I am using my 1.6 as a NAS box so don’t need the screen, I just SSH/web in. If you want to use it as a ‘proper’ Linux box I would (in my opinion) get a < 1.5 board off eBay, until the over scan problem is fixed by some brain.