Keyboard problem in xfce

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Keyboard problem in xfce

Post by bange » Sun Feb 06, 2005 10:23 am

I have wireless mouse&keyboard combination. Keyboard worked fine when i installed gentoox(when it asked those couple questions etc.) but when it booted into xfce and asked password it didn't work. I've now booted gentoox ~20 times and on one time keyboard worked. There's nothing wrong with the keyboard but it just doesn't work in gentoox. Mouse works tho'.

I used to have debian and in that my keyboard work always but my mouse worked just on random boots. It solved by deleting one file(can't remember which)

Any ideas how to fix? (btw. where's XF86Config located, it wasn't in etc/X11/, there were only XF86Config.template)
done magic etc.

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