missing c due to nkpatcher shadowc?

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missing c due to nkpatcher shadowc?

Post by bakasaru » Mon Jan 24, 2005 6:54 pm

I have nothing when accessing drive C. I have a softmodded xbox with the uxe font exploit using the nkpatcher10 bios loader. I have my shadowc setup as follows (terminology is obviously non-linux):

Actual C can be accessed via drive G
Shadow C is located in E:\shadowc\shadowc.img

I have my hd with a standard xbox partition, with one exception. As noted above, I decided I wanted access to the actual C drive contents. So, I put it in G. Thus, drives C,E,X,Y,Z are all the standard partition sizes. Drive G is 250MB and drive F is the remaining of the 120GB hd.

When I run a standard dashboard, drive C comes up but with the image created located in e:\shadowc\shadowc.img; and drive G comes up with the "real" drive C contents. When I try to access C on gentoox, I get nothing. And drive G is not there.

I guess, I could just run gentoox from a bios loader that does not make a virtual c. But I like nkpatcher, and I'd rather not go that route if possible.

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Post by vplayer » Mon Jan 24, 2005 9:03 pm

normally c drive is not mounted in gentoox. You need to mount it. mount /mnt/fatx/c

hope that helps.
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Just to Clarify...

Post by wrayal » Wed Jan 26, 2005 1:41 pm

Just to clarify....
nkpatcher is a kernel patcher written by rmenhal. All it does is patch the xbox kernel. When you load Linux, an entirely different kernel is loaded, and the stuff done by nkpatcher is irrelevant. The accessing C by G is an 'illusion' - a remapping. So, like vplayer says, mount /mnt/fatx/c oughta work
(*I'm guessing the fstab is appropriate to allow that*)


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