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XBOX Powers Down When Launching Gentooxx.xbe from Dash

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2005 4:32 am
by afeuer
Hello folks;

After much research I can't seem to find a solution, so thought I'd ask for some help!

I'm happily running Gentoox 3.2 Home on a FatX Drive E. Works well when I boot from CD.

If I try to execute Gentoox from XBMC or Evox (latest revisions, both), the system goes to a black screen, the fan spins waaay up, and the system just shuts down.

Thoughts, suggestions?

Thanks kindly!

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2005 10:44 pm
by tuckie
i have the same problem

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2005 11:41 pm
by vplayer

I remember shallax machine shut down cause the fan was running too high. Could be some setting in xbmc.

But for tuckie he could boot from a cd, so like u said it should be something to do with the setting of the dash

hope that helps,

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 12:47 am
by Trevante
Well, make sure you have gentooxx.xbe, and not Gentooxx.xbe.

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 3:46 am
by vplayer
no for them it starts to run, gets a blank screen and shuts down. If you dont have the prog... then you cannot select the option in Evox..

should be with ur dash... settings

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 11:35 am
by Anastrophe
does something like In Game Reset still cause problems if enabled in a dash?

Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 3:03 am
by jahme
ur files of gentoox might be corrupted and/or deleted thats why the system cant respond anymore than shutting down

Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 7:16 pm
by tawong
I have the same problem, but I fixed it by changing the Xbox video resolution to normal. Since I have widescreen HDTV i had 480p, 720p, & 1080i mode turned on in the video mode. the reason gentoox didn't boot with that mode is probably because the bootscreen is not in progressive mode. just my 2cent but not entirely sure. its still pain because i had to change the video mode everytime i want to use gentoox but still want to play games in hdtv resolution.

Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 4:16 am
by winterborne
I had the same experience. I use an X2VGA and to play games and all that I set my xbox to 720p. Gentoox won't load (fan spins up and screen goes black) if I try and load it like that though. Have to switch between video modes when booting gentoox vs. a game.

Posted: Sun May 22, 2005 8:33 pm
by WisdomWolf
I had the same problem when launching from UnleashX while connected to my HDTV with component cables. I was able to get gentoox to launch by using the latest version of XBMC set to auto for the screen resolution under settings. XBMC displays in 1080i, but gentoox didn't have any options beyond 720p. Try downloading the latest XBMC and make sure your screen settings are set at auto.