What keyboard??

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What keyboard??

Post by BigBowser » Wed Jan 12, 2005 2:51 pm

Hi I'm new on GentooX and I'm French (sorry for mistakes or poor english ^^)
I've just one question about the compatibility of keyboards: Can all keyboards work on Gentoox (with the adapter)? And if all can't, is there a special model who works on it?


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Post by gforums » Wed Jan 12, 2005 3:34 pm

Alors, je vais essayser de te repondre en francais pour que tu peux mieux comprendre.

Normalement, tu peux utiliser tous les keyboard USB avec le XBOX et linux.

Or utilise-tu un adaptuer pour PS2 -> XBOX? Mais il aussi pourrait fonctionner avec tous les brands.

excuse moi, pour mon mauviase francais, j'suis Allemand :P


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Post by ShALLaX » Thu Jan 13, 2005 12:31 pm

Je pense que toutes les marques des keyboards sont compatibles :)

There, thats my bit of french for the day ;o
The original Xbox adaptation of Gentoo

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Post by marcot » Wed Jan 19, 2005 3:48 am

There are actually many methods for this. Here is a quick summary of what I considered and tried.

You can buy a USB to Xbox adapter from eBay or http://www.lik-sang.com or similar. For other methods, http://www.xbox-scene.com has several articles on cheaply adding USB ports to the xbox and how to modify xbox cables to put USB ports on them. PS/2 to USB adapters can be a little hard to find - look in good electronic stores for serious hobbyists or online. The method used for adding USB ports can also be used to add PS/2 ports if you know enough electronics to map the pins.

Originally I wanted to get a keyboard up immediately after I installed Gentoox but it was 10pm and no stores were open, so I got the pinouts for the various connectors and modified an old IBM AT keyboard to connect straight to the xbox. This didn't work - I later found out that the older keyboards aren't "ps/2 compliant", particularly the IBM variants. If you use a newer keyboard, you can just join the wires from the PS/2 keyboard directly to an xbox cable (such as one from an extension cable).

In the end I went for the most expensive but easiest and neatest way - a new USB keyboard, mouse, and USB hub. I then modified the USB hub to use an xbox cable for attachment. The big advantage to this is that I can now have 4 USB devices plugged in but only use 1 xbox port. It also means that the xbox now has dedicated peripherals so I don't have to keep swapping with one of my other computers.

A more difficult but neater method is by modifying the joypad. The xbox joypad has a built in 3 port USB hub, one taken up by the joypad and 2 taken up by the memory card slots. It is relatively easy to add 2 USB (or even PS/2) ports by soldering a port to each of the memory card connectors and mounting the ports on the joypad (usually in the memory card slots). You can then plug a USB keyboard and mouse (or with a PS/2 adapter) into the joypad. Just about the only thing a J-type controller is good for! ;) This is very neat, I have a spare J-type controller that I hardly ever use that might get this treatment one day. If you have an S-type you can add a single USB port and attach a USB hub. If I remember correctly, you can chain up to 5 hubs, check http://www.usb.org if you want to make sure.

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