magic f-drive on 160 gig

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magic f-drive on 160 gig

Post by shedt » Tue Aug 03, 2004 5:06 am

ok i think i crapped out my current gentoox install. i'm going to start over, and then run

magic fix xfce && magic

this is what i did last night, and it updated tons of stuff

it downloaded like 22 packages or somthing and took like 8 hours or so.

so i messed up try to do

magic f-drive
my question is, was it becuase when i did that i was not root ?
was it because i am using a 160 gig hd ?

or was it because i did not mount f ?

anyways, i want too get rootfs on f:

then i think i'm going to take all my linux files on my e and burn them to a cd, and maybe even rar my rootfs file into 3 pieces and put them on cds.

then i guess it will beat 8 hours of running magic if i mess up right ? just ftp the files after unrar'ing them from my mac...

does that make sense ? do you think it would work ?

can anyone give me some step by step help here to get to that.

i just need how to do the magic f-drive


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Post by nobspangle » Tue Aug 03, 2004 7:23 am

magic f-drive is unlikely to work on a disk bigger than 120GB unless you have a sperate f and g drive, even then it may not work.
You should definatley be root when you run it.
backing up the gentoox files into a rar file is a fine way to keep a backup. You probably won't need to split the rootfs if you remove the portage tree before you do

Code: Select all

rm -rf /usr/portage
Then the first thing you must do if you restore from the backup is

Code: Select all

emerge sync
to replace the tree.
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Post by shedt » Tue Aug 03, 2004 5:47 pm

hmm, how can I get it into f: ?

I'm going to just backup to my f: drive anyways....

I toasted my install last night. i tried running this frozen bubble game or whatever it was. then then screen went all fubar, and i had to hard reboot via the power button. she did not want to load after that ugh.

it's ok, i already unrRAR'ED the distro file, and i will ftp it over tonight, then run

magic fix xfce && magic

thats what i did last time, and it upgraded so much stuff. even the windows and gui looked different. it said it was updating portage and stuff and the kernal i believe.

anyways, once that is done i'm going to back it all up to my f:

i have about 70 gigs free there. i need to get it on f: and running becuase my e: is only 4gigs, and all of my saves music mixer songs i bought etc take up a bit more then 2.5 gigs.I'm having fun with this and i am learning.

crap i had to re-partition my e last night, rootfs disappeared after then crash, but there was still 3 gigs missing.....

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