NFS only mounts as root

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NFS only mounts as root

Post by Crisis » Fri May 07, 2004 7:47 pm

I am trying to export a folder on the xbox via NFS to another gentoo box (on a pc)

I can export it fine, and mount it on the other machiner as root, but only as root. Local users can't get access to this drive.

chown and chmod are returning operation not permitted errors.

Any ideas?

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Post by darklegion » Tue May 18, 2004 3:58 am

Would the files you are exporting be on a fatx partition? i.e c,e or f? I've had all sorts of bullshit with fatx both locally and over samba even with the latest patches.Check you /etc/fstab and your nfs config file,these may be causing problems....I believe you have to set a umask value for your fatx drive in you /etc/fstab which allows the correct permissions....can't remember what that value was and I won't take a guess and lead you off in the wrong direction so do a search around here and find it...I'll be looking my self in any case.As for nfs try reading the manuals for it "man nfs" is a good start so is which hosts the NFS-HowTo and loads of other documentation.Make sure you have the patches I mentioned get them from the xbox-linux cvs or I assume from magic since you are most likely using gentoo (i am not)
Its all pretty hit and miss though I can't even mount it at all now as a user or root ,where before I had read/write access for all..

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