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Icewm & Icecc problems still

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2003 1:05 am
by roadrash
I have emerged icewm (windows manager) and the icecc (control center) & associated tools but i cant use Icecc to change my menus and background/theme etc in icewm cos it says it cant find the config files. Ive looked right through the hard drive and it seems there are none and i also notice that none of the themes & backgrounds etc were installed either.

Icecc and the other configuration modules look in \home\gentoox for the config files but emerge installed icewm in directory called kwin inside the usr/kde/ directory and other places but as i said minus all the config files and backgrounds etc.

is there something I am doing wrong when i emerge a program. When I emerge a program I login as root and just type "emerge icewm". or in the emerge command do i have to include a path for the install?