I really stuck with Gentoox PLEASE Help

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Pro Desktop

Post by Chiron » Thu Mar 11, 2004 9:29 pm

Hi, there. ;)
Maybe you could try to type this, if you've gotten your terminal up and running:

su ~

emerge xfce4
emerge kde

you can also try 'emerge search desktop' or any other programs you would like to install, and portage should find them and list them for you.

and, of course:

'magic usage' and 'magic available' should help you some.
just run 'magic' to update gentoox with the latest fixes/patches. :) it's GREAT! :) Fullmoon in Norway, btw. ;) Beautiful...
Hope this helps!

Best regards ChiRon, running GentooX for one year without ANY kernel crashes! Incredible

Windows? What's that?.... Although I'm a linux-newbie, i prefer linux.
ShallaX, you have saved me... :)
Take care.

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