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Gentoox Pro 4.1 nice binary location

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 1:39 pm
by akill
Just installed GentooX Pro 4.1 after not using xbox linux for a while, bought a few usb ethernet adapters and made a cheap router. Anyways, noticed a dead.letter in /root and noticed that there was an error in crontab's makewhatis script, the nice binary was stored in a different path then the script was looking for it in. It's not something that is at all hard to fix, but it is a bug nonetheless. Could just edit the makewhatis script, but i just symlinked.

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[root@Pro] (37.342 MB) [~] # cat dead.letter

/etc/cron.weekly/makewhatis: line 5: /bin/nice: No such file or directory
/etc/cron.weekly/makewhatis: line 5: exec: /bin/nice: cannot execute: No such file or directory
[root@Pro] (37.342 MB) [~] # which nice
[root@Pro] (37.342 MB) [~] # cat /etc/cron.weekly/makewhatis
# this is part of the man package
# it updates the search database for manpages

exec /bin/nice /usr/sbin/makewhatis -u
[root@Pro] (37.342 MB) [~] # ln -s /usr/bin/nice /bin/nice
[root@Pro] (37.342 MB) [~] # which nice
[root@Pro] (37.342 MB) [~] #

Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 4:56 am
by wulong
Just update man. They've removed the script entirely.

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emerge -av man