Big thanks to ShALLaX!!

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Big thanks to ShALLaX!!

Post by c4vly » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:13 pm


Just installed Pro5.1 on my xbox minus the gui stuff.....way to go porting Gentoo over!!!
Going to use it for an icecast2 server.
Waiting for my mini usb adapter to arrive so I can hang a tiny USB soundcard of it (I couldn't find a way to get a audio line in/microphone input on the xbox?)
Really starting to warm to gentoo(x), run ubuntu on my main box but starting to like Gentoo more and more, don't mind the compile times, just stops me installing stuff I don't need :lol: probably give gentoo a go on my main box soon!
I replaced my HDD with a gash one I had kicking about, just in case.

Keep up the excellent work ShallaX!

One happy Gentoox user! :D

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Re: Big thanks to ShALLaX!!

Post by whiteafricancanadian » Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:15 am

I totally agree!!! Big thanks for the update. I am going to set some sort of server up on a spare xbox for fun, and didn't even realise that GentooX was still being worked on. I remember using the Home version back in version 3 days. Again, big thanks for the update!

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