How to put Stardust on a compilation DVD?

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How to put Stardust on a compilation DVD?

Post by mugo » Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:14 pm

Hello everyone,

My name is Marcelo and i'm from Brazil.
I'm new in the XBox community. Have bought one last christmass and so far it's been very much fun!

I'm doing some custom compilation DVDs, mostly with games. But it's time to do one for tools.
I've managed to sucessfully run most of the tools i want from this DVD, but i can't make Stardust find the right files to boot from this DVD.
First i tried to put every tool in it's own folder. It didn't work.
After that, I moved some files to the DVD's root, and most of the tools worked fine, except for the Stardust.
After the loader kicks in, it can't find the "boot cd". And all the files from Stardust ISO is on DVD's root.
Tried to edit the linuxboot.cfg file to point the right paths, but that didn't work either.
Do you guys know what else i can do in order to get the installation booting from this custom DVD?
Is there any parameters that i can feed the loader with, so it can find the files (vmlinuz, initrd, etc)?

Thank you very much!

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