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Implementation of GentooX With Out Stock Bios Modification

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 7:31 am
by murraykj

Here is a Suggestion related to Installation of GentooX Linux With out the need to Change the Bios from the Stock ones that microsoft provides.

presently the Stock Bios Loads a signed program from the root of C which is the XboxDash.xbe program

The following suggestion would allow for a installation of Gentoox With out the need to modify the Bios in any way.

If the XboxDash.xbe is renamed and a new XboxDash.xbe is installed provided that it is Signed, should be the new default Boot Program and load in place of the original microsoft Dash program.

The new program can allow for the system to Boot to Gentoox and or still allow the users to play games from the console in a normal manner with a simple menu selection or a automatic selection after a per defined timed peroid, this means that the console can be rebooted remotely and still be able to get back to running gentoox automatically.

If the Gentoox that has been installed in this manner is also configured as to not permit the user to access the contents of drive C , then the noobs cant mess up the microsoft dash program.

If they mess up the gentoox it can still be reinstalled via the New Net Boot or from the HDD if the installation has already been cached there.

Now here is Why I am suggesting this.

First of all our goal here is to get people running Linux, for us as techs or admins we have the ability to make the box pretty much do what we want. For noobie End linux Users this can be a unique endevour because they have to have the console modified, with a replacement bios, and may incur a expense.

In this way, No replacement Bios Program is necessary. The system can still play original games as usual, And can function as a basic linux computer with out opening the case.

That means that we can Give People a Linux Installation With out Cracking the Case open and having to do the other things required such as replacement of the Bios Program.

This also Eleviates the Piracy problems related to the replacement Bios's running either unsigned code or users ripping games for our specific implementation of Linux. This also Means that a Linux based Bios is not required for installation.

A user would have to have a specific understanding to either Mount the C drive, and or to Modify or repack the original XboxDash.xbe to say as a example to shadow and boot a alternate bios file with a signed XboxDash.xbe replacement file.

There is no reason why we cant put the Linux on the Box for people with out cracking the case and installing a alternate Bios for specific linux and original gaming purposes.

As such at the moment there are other ways to boot the gentoox Loader.Xbe with out a replacement bios. Such as a Dash Patch like Phoenix Bios Loader Exploit. However this appears to then allow users to run Burnt games as well.

Dont get me wrong, having the ability of being able to run backup copies of the programs original DVD's is great, but we can prehaps fix some of the piracy problems that microsoft has been having with the games. By others that are abusing the Backup System With other Applications on the Black Market.

Its our responsibility as Tech's Admins and programmers, Not to abuse the backup System, or to allow others to make money from our material from software piracy. There is a difference in the requirement to run unsigned Code and a Burnt Pirated Game and a backup.

Just a fiew thoughts, I've had some idle time so I've put some of my ideas and comments in here. I've been working with the console since the Version 1.0

I was one of the orginal creators of a solderless USB Modification as well as the creation of a ISO cd image that contained everything required combined and documented to Install Evox and Debian on a Xbox via a software mod back in 2002.

The Xbox Is a Awesome Machine, and we're making it Better With Gentoox Linux.


Kenneth J. Murray

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 1:37 pm
by ShALLaX
Err, and how are we going to sign this "new xbe"?

Linux Loader Signing By Microsoft Corp

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 10:51 pm
by murraykj
Our Xbox based linux projects are as such able to meet a specific mandate for the requirement of educational computing purposes.

There is no reason that microsoft themselves can not assign us the ability to sign the loader.

I had previously seen a scaled down version of a very basic linux based GUI many years ago. It was a Live version of a bootable based linux. It was very small and had a on screen keyboard as well.

There had been a 'hack' created using this live version of linux that used the original Signed XBE and it was used to load a kernel that actually loaded Phoenix Bios Loader and then booting a 4977 to ram. It was this method that I had actually used initially back many years ago to install Debian on the Console with out altering the internal 4034 BIOS.

It was through this initial live linux release that one of the first raincoat flashers was devoliped.and the ability to be able to FTP into the system and Dump the original dash program This is where the origin of thefirst dash patches such as Fonts probally initated.

To put it simply, because there already exists many various exploits that people are going to use alnyways, there is no reason that microsoft themselves should not release the ability to others to sign the loader. The system has been cracked long ago. for them to think that there would be a problem to sign the loader is untrue because there already exists many other methods to be able to get at the system to begin with.

This means that it would make it much easier to install linux as educational product such as linux to the console.

One of the initiaves of microsoft themselves is to provide educational and accademic benefit of computing resources. They can not refuse us to sign the loader. to do so would actually contradict their mandate.

Lets contact Mr Bill Gates at microsoft and Linus Toravaldus I think Linus is in the USA now and his new family is doing well.

Kenneth J. Murray

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 11:57 pm
by ShALLaX
You dont seem to know what you're talking about. Raincoat was developed long before softmods were found. Phoenix BIOS loader was developed long after xbox-linux was well established (it is infact based off of one of our linux booters [xbeboot]). The "Live Linux" distribution (abandoned many years ago) did NOT use softmods to boot, it required a hardware mod. This is also not how the first FTP servers were run, they were almost certainly made with illegal use of the XDK.

Microsoft has every reason not to release methods for us to sign code. What idiot would willingly give away the tools to facilitate piracy on their platform? When it comes down to it, a business exists to make profit. Regardless of ANY mission statements, a business MUST make profit to be successful and providing the ability to pirate games will mean they will lose revenue.

Again, think before posting. You're not re-enforcing my decision to unban you.

Live Linux

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 6:25 pm
by murraykj
From what I had seen there was a earlier attemp to create a bootable Live Linux type GUI, with out modification. I think it was from belgium or germany.

the loader that i first came accross for a soft mod was based on this method, and as well information that was provided was based on that.

Of course microsoft wants to make money, but what I saying is that because numerous exploits and chips are aleady released.

users want to run linux. Microsoft should allow alternate programs to be used for this specific educational purpose.

People are going to unlock the system anyways and use it as hey wish with a chip, flash or a patch.

If they are going to install a chip or preform a soft mod they are going to do it anyways.

Atleast the linux installation has some educational benefit to users.

even if they did use it to make it run a loader for a game, most all the space is used on E for the linux, and there may be little space on F.

Its not going to be able to rip much anyways. but would function as a cheap home computer and you could still play games as normal.

All the copy protection really does is fuel the market for over priced piracy devices.

The best them for them to have done would have to done like sony did and release a linux for the console.

the reason why they did not do it was because they did not want to support the product, and made they users do the modifications at their own risk so they would not have to honor the warrany on the device at all.

What would be really cool is that microsoft add the Netboot as i suggested to you earlier and you implemented. the option could be a standard dash option to install and boot a linux system as the user would require it automatically.

prehaps it could be added as a option where the user simply selected the installation from a dash menu BOOT LINUX then they get the gentoox 6.01 loader to complete the installation.

Anyways I had Debian working years ago and I know what I did to make it work. so similar ideas should actually work for gentoox as well.

actually another loader also booted the systems perfectly direct to the linux kernal no operation intervention of colorful menu, just a direct boot.

too bad we have to disagree, i was trying to help others out, not have someone crawl down my throat all the time.

Iknow what has worked for me, it would be nice for the programmers not to be so difficult or switch things around because they stand to be corrected by another

everything here is open for discussion good and bad thats what a fourm is for.

prehaps you can clarify why my other postings were not correct.

I have prooven that some of yours were not.

I choose your installation for various reasons, you should be able to discuss ideas that others have with Gentoox and other things in the scene as I have for years with no problems.

I always get thanks for your help, its working now.

See ya later!


Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 9:35 pm
by Bucko
users want to run linux. Microsoft should allow alternate programs to be used for this specific educational purpose.
That is the most hilarious thing I have read in a while. I see your point, but do you think the makers of Windows would allow this. I think not :twisted:

Have you seen a lot of what you said is on there. Reading your posts feels like history is repeating it self.