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Implementation of Addional Swap & Temp area via XYZ for

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 6:35 am
by murraykj

Here is a suggestion for those who may be using the Gentoox on top of the FatX file system.

presently as a example some of us may be using E and F to contain the root file system files for our Linux installation. Our Swap files are located here also.

We have additional parts of the drive under FATX which are used to Cache different types of information such as Drive Letters X Y and Z

each drive letter in these partitions can contain around 700 Megs of data which is around 2 gigs combined.

These areas are not being utilized at the moment to my knowledge other than by other microsoft applications for the purpose of caching during normal operation of various dvd media.

Our Swap file can be moved to this area I think, and be refreshed each time the user boots the operating system. This should ensure a fresh unfragmented Swap file, and possibily free up some space on E or F

Another possibility is to mount the area for temporary usage during system operations, such as archiving similar to a tempory working folder but again having the option to be cleared on rebooting.

the space is there so we may as well use it.


Kenneth J. Murray

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 1:38 pm
by ShALLaX
Linux rarely uses over 256mb of swap, let alone 512mb of swap. In historical versions of the Linux kernel, swap space was even limited to either 128mb or 256mb.

File system swap file

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 10:08 pm
by murraykj
This is true under many circumstances, However...

As you run other applications on top of the Linux we can quicky run out of ram and it has to be swapped out. The console has only 64megs of ram. I know that this is a bit of a slower process however. Once the applications themselves are booted up they seem to function fine. In certain circumstances we may not actually need the speed but the functionality of the application itself.

Best Wishes,

Kenneth J. Murray

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 10:31 pm
by cheesyboofs
murraykj with the greatest respect in the world, are you mental?

Linux Swap

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 5:35 pm
by murraykj
If the swap file thats used on E during a FatX Install was can be moved to aonther Fatx drive it would free up additional space on E for the game saves or additional audio tracks that may be there by the original dash program.

I did not say to resize it.

another thing to point out is that just because not everyone is on your understanding of the linux system.

I'm not a programmer, and you have already implemented my concepts into this product.

You should be open and respect other peoples views on the topic.

Thats what the fourms are for in the first place, discussion and exchange of ideas.

My goal is to get users booted up as easy as possible. I did not come here to be bashed on or insulted.

your previous comment is not within the scope of discussion, and is degrading and insulting. It does not have anything to do with making the software better for the end users.

Mine are.

Kenneth J. Murray

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 1:31 am
by ShALLaX
To be perfectly honest, after the trashy other posts I read of yours I stopped reading half way through this one in an attempt to save my precious time.

Still, its a moronic idea since the Xbox will randomly wipe the cache partitions when it needs to do so.

Anyway, you've earned a re-banning. Not that youll get to read this.

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 6:10 am
by orochi