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Xbox Console Intergrated 10/100 Ethernet Port Problems

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 6:22 am
by murraykj

This information may be relevant to apps that are being used on the networking side of the Xbox 10/100 Ethernet Interface.

The Port seems to be unstable when running at various speeds, sometime you can get good throughput and other times when you reach a certain speed it may expierence problems.

I dont think that this is a issue related to our applications implementaion of the TCPIP or the Networking Core in general.

Many applications including those other than Gentoox have been known to expierence transfer problems at high data transfer rates.

Under most circumstances I have noticed at least starting back with the early days of the version 1.0 console is that prehaps it may be over running the speed at which the buffer itself is working, i am unaware and have not tested other versions of the console in this manner.

What this means is that you may expierence a problem with local inhouse data transfers over the intergrated 10/100 ethernet in the console. But the same problems do not exist in remote data transfers because the data throughput is slower. In the past what I have done to resolve this issue was to throttle back the connection slightly as not to over fill the internal buffer in the port, where is where i believe to be where the problem actually is. So this could be a slight flaw in the actual design of the ethernet port of the console and not our applications.

Unless Proper Throtteling procedures are implemented in our applications as to not surpase a specific data transfer rate, prefered to be implemented on the Console side.

As Linux Users we are pushing the Console to the limits beyond what it was originally designed to be able to do.

Microsoft made the Xbox, But we are making it Better With Gentoox.


Kenneth J. Murray

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 1:39 pm
by ShALLaX
There is nothing wrong with the network socket. Bad software is what causes slowdowns. I have never, ever had transfer issues with Gentoox and am often transferring large volumes of data to and from several Xboxes.

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:35 am
by orochi
I would agree, ive run Gentoox as a server for about a year, i have never had problem on the 3 xboxes i have run Gentoox on.

Other Console Issues

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 5:14 pm
by murraykj
True, some or most users may not expierence this as a problem as I had previously indicated. Certain other problems can be a result of the code contained in the other programs.

However, Not all versions of the console are or were created equally, and or manufacured with the same components.

Some units of the same version are manufactured in different countries, and different production runs, and may use different batches of components.

I had read numerous other items not only just pertaining to the port.

the newest model as a example the 1.6's have different ram in them.

Microsoft themselves have been having problems with the 1.6's with certain games and it was related to the ram that they used in this version of the console.

Do not just look at whats going on with versions of the console that you may be using. but listen to whats going with other users on a international basais.

Some systems were manufactured better than others. The first notable difference is with the DVD Drive.

They may be slight differences with items on a component level as well.

I can only reflect on this from things that i have expierenced myself and from other things that i have read online as well.

Some of the different components may not preform as expected when used for specs greater than which they were initially intended.

It is just something to take note of, its sorta better to run a little slower to complete the task with success rather than extreme speed and a possible failure, due to a problem with the app or the components.

Information is presented to others who may have expierenced similar problems.

Kenneth J. Murray