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Simple Solderless USB Keyboard Modification For Xbox Console

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:50 pm
by murraykj

For those of you that may not already be aware the Xbox Ports are USB.

Here is a simple suggestion that will allow users to connect Various USB devices including a keyboard to the console with out soldering.

I wrote the mod back several years and and you should be able to find it including pictorial diagrams with the installation of a HP multimedia Keyboard, anyways here it is in a short explination.

For this I used a Belkin USB extention cable.

When you cut open the cable you will see the 4 colored wires, those wires need to be spliced to the wires that go to the controller port on the front of the console Red to red Black to black Green to green and white to white.

The port has a additional wire a yellow one, and is not used for this modification.

snake the cable through the back of the unit and secure the connector to the back with a tiewrap or some epoxy to where u want to put the port.

I used Port #4 so that it would not interfere with the controllers on the other ports.

you can still use port #4 for playing games ect, but you must umplug the device you have connected on the usb port that you added to the back. the same is also true that you cant plug in a controller to same port on the front at the same time. only connect one or the other when your using it. either on the front or the back.

If you need to connect additional USB devices use a small powered Hub.

Another feature to add is that you should also Fuse the USB line. that way it should not cause a problem if you have a cable or device fault, you'll pop the fuse instread if loading down the powerline of the USB Port and damaging it.

I used a HP #6511-SU Keyboard which has a built in hub and as a kit comes with a nice Mouse as well. It works Nicely with Gentoox Linux.

As for other devices to add additional ports, the CiCero Hubs which are cheap can be connected to the New USB port that we added and then you can use an additional powersupply to provide power to other devices.

Some devices may expierence problems when running through hubs, but this is specific to how the device actually works and not a fault of the modification or gentoox.

The HP Keyboard will work properly when connected to a Cicero Hub and the hub itself is connected to the newly added port to the back of the console.

Other USB devices can be used also, Such as wireless devices and Cellular Telephones, provided that you have the proper driver under Linux.

(A Motorola C333 is a cheap GSM Cellular Phone with a USB Port on it, The device is automatically recgonized under the hardware wizard in gentoox, however a additional driver is required for operation as a modem)

I Hope that this answers a fiew questions for people who may want to add a keyboard.

Since I did the mod several years ago with a V1.0 Console I have had no problems. Also to note is that there is a gaming keyboard that is manufactured for use on the console, so actually it could be simply plugged into the front and unplugged easily with out having to do a USB mod. It was unaviable at the time. I think its made by the same company that makes additional Gaming items. It comes with a adaptor for connection to the console Port directly, can also be used on a computer and a PS2 as well. It was manufactured by the same people who make the gamesharks i think, and I had seen one in a video game store for 30$ but i dont think it had a mouse or a built in usb hub.

A Better way obviously to add a keyboard which would be nice, is to use the DVD Dongle and a wireless Keyboard, However with different operational Infared codes, there would be specific compatibility issues and a requirement of different drivers ect.

You may be able to use a wireless keyboard and attach it to your new USB Port on the back of the console, if it passes standard USB keyboard information back to the unit over the USB port, the same should be true for the mouse also, again if standard USB Mouse information is passed through the port from the wireless IR interface box that comes with your unit.

Best Wishes to Everyone in the Xbox Linux Community.

Kenneth J. Murray

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 1:42 pm
by ShALLaX
Or you could spend the ~$9 that are asking and buy a professionally crafted xbox->USB cable.

While I appreciate your enthusiasm towards the Gentoox project, could you please think before posting. About 75% of your posts so far have been ideas that I dismissed myself years ago as unfeasible or that could be implemented by users themselves.

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:33 am
by orochi
or go for a PSO Usb plug for your controller, which does the same thing, its free (if they still sell it) but i think shipping is like $10+

re Xbox USB plug

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 9:30 pm
by murraykj
That is true, the plig can be purchased Now in some areas.

However at the time and in my specific location the purchase of a Xbox usb adapter was not a option.

Information is provided as a solution to others that may have a immediate requirement to implement the funtionality of USB. For some it may be difficult in their area to obtain the Xbox USB converter plug, and the Belkin USB Extention cablesthat i used for the modification are readily avaiablw at most computer stores locally.

In newfoundland canada it is sometimes difficult to obtain obsecure parts easily. In my suitation I had to make one.

This may be a similar suitation for others as well on a international basais in other countries and provinces as well.

Best Wishes,

Kenneth J. Murray