Ftp Login wont work. Either will samba login

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Ftp Login wont work. Either will samba login

Post by Awal » Sat Nov 19, 2005 2:01 am

Im stuck.
Last night I changed the password for the root and gentoox account from the default. Now when I try to access it from my windows pc, it wont let me log in, it says wrong login or password.
Same with ftp:
WinSock 2.0 -- OpenSSL 0.9.7g 11 Apr 2005
[R] Connecting to Web Server (Xbox) -> IP= PORT=21
[R] Connected to Web Server (Xbox)
[R] 220 ProFTPD 1.2.10 Server (ProFTPD Default Installation) []
[R] USER root
[R] 331 Password required for root.
[R] PASS (hidden)
[R] 530 Login incorrect.
[R] Connection failed
[R] Delaying for 120 seconds before reconnect attempt #1
I know the password is correct because I can log in with putty. Webmin works too, but that didnt ask for a password because I had logged in before.



PS Im running Home 4.0

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Post by orochi » Sat Nov 19, 2005 6:37 am

please us the search feature, proftp does not allow for root user to login via ftp (nor should one try to) passwords (all text for that matter) are sent in plain text, please make a new user to login with

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Post by lidback » Sat Nov 19, 2005 2:04 pm

with samba you can login as root but if you did "passwd" to change passwd in console via ssh then you didnt change the password for your samba user. it still remains with login: root & pw: xbox

But IF you wanna login as root on ftp, wich i dont recomend, then you have to edit the config file for ftp server you are running.

you should never login as root. just use a regular account and make it in a group called "wheel" then it will give you the access to use the command "su" to have root privileges.

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Post by Awal » Sat Nov 19, 2005 9:51 pm

got it thanks for the help.

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