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Brain Droppings

Post by DBordello » Wed Sep 14, 2005 4:10 am

I have been running gentoox on my xbox for several months. It works great, and I am thankful for everybody's efforts. Here are some random thoughts I have had.

1.) The xbox is WAY to slow to run updatedb and be used. Apon bootup with X minutes updatedb is triggered. I think that it should only run in the early morning if the xbox is on, if not, too bad. I use the xbox only to stream music through and when updatedb is running esd chokes.

2.) There should be an option to boot with / mounted read-only. Obviously this would require some tweaking and some things wouldn't work, but if nothing more is loaded than the console, this should be dooable. This would allow the xbox to be turned off on a whim.

3.) Perhaps enable software suspend. This is where the contents of the memory is dumped to the hard drive and then shut off. When the box comes back on the contents are read back into the memory and the box is in the same spot that it left. This may allow for quicker boots.

I realize that all of these are just as easily done by me as anyone else. I guess I should get around to doing them. Just my 2cents. Keep up the good work.


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