Successful magic upgrade to kernel 2.6

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Post by ouzo23 » Mon May 09, 2005 2:26 pm

My update to 2.6 is working fine for many weeks.
Only thing I recognize sometimes is heavy CPU-Load which I don't understand because I am not starting/working with a program.
Anyway, GOOD JOB!

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Post by plewright » Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:23 pm

OK, my experience, a couple months ago, I had no problems setting up Gentoox, and indeed upgraded to kernel 2.6. But then ran out of time to play with it any more, so didn't test it very much. Now, this last week, I have had some time to come back to it.

I thought that this time it would be best to start from scratch, as I saw that Pro 2.0a was released, and I thought that would have to be better than the 1.5 that I had done a couple of months ago. Assuming that perhaps some of the issues were sorted out, e.g. with fatx etc.

So now, I have backed up the old rootfs etc, and have installed the new Pro 2.0a. But oh no, what do I find, it is back at using Kernel 2.4???

What is going on?

Can I please have an update?

For my part, this is where I am now up to: I am trying the newer rootfs from the Pro 2.0a, and am trying to use the kernel 2.6 image that I had from before with it. But now all the modules are handled differently.

Further more, I can't find the linux 2.6 xbox gentoox src code on the web. So I have copied across the source code that I used before, and did a make module install but am still getting some error messages regarding modules when it starts up. I gotta find out where the conflicts are, but Shallax, where are you up to with this project?

Also, I noticed the error that was mentioned about the mounted fatx drive, files "not found" errors on my f drive seemed to have the problem, but not yet the e. I have formatted the f from within Gentoox. And now copying all my stuff back to the f. I will report on any success.

I will wat and see what happens to the e, before I format that. It is working good enough for now.

You mentioned that home 4.0 has a surprise so I am downloading that now, hopefully it could answer some of my questions. But there seems to have been little comment on this issue for a couple of months. I guess cos of xbox 360 etc. So I understand if some people have lost interest.

But I still want to continue trying to get Gentoox working with 2.6. And I would love to hear some peoples success stories, anyone? Has anyone got 2.6 working and no problems?

Also, I had some thoughts, perhaps some of the other Homebrew software is causing this problem? Has this been ruled out? Perhaps the ftp or fatx driver in XBoxMediaPlayer, or from Evox? Or are you guys sure that the problem is from the 2.6 kernel drivers?

I had read somewhere how the new 2.6 kernel handles usermode drivers differently, so it wouldn't completely surprise me if it was the 2.6, but just worth checking other causes?

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Post by ShALLaX » Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:51 pm

2.6 isnt supported by Gentoox at this time. 2.6 is barely supported on the Xbox and is full of bugs (mainly Fatx).

Kernel 2.6 was dropped from Home 4.0 and Pro 2.0 for this reason. There is no current schedule to implement it as of yet.
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