People need to calm down.

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People need to calm down.

Post by shinomen » Tue Oct 12, 2004 2:38 am

I've seen your latest news threads talking about how people are getting upset because their xbox has gotten screwed up and just wanted to add my two cents.

We all know that what we are doing is beyond the scope of what microsoft imagined the xbox to be or rather do for us. No matter if we are doing legal linux derivative installs or loading the most recent questionable bios to our modchip or tsop. I think everyone should realize that if your are in any way hacking the original intention of the xbox, that you should also take responsibility for what you are doing. No one told you that you must mod your xbox for game backups or that you should put an OS on it to realize the full potential of your system. All these people have done is share their knowledge of what they themselves have worked on to unleash the possibilities of a gaming system to make it more robust for everyone.

If you feel like someone has mislead you by letting you know that you could do something extraordinary with what you have purchased and you end up blamming them for your mistakes then you are a fool. No one has forced you to reverse engineer your xbox; that was your own decision!

Kinda off subject, it's like saying......"You told me to smoke these cigarettes and that nothing would happen to me!" when you knew full well that if you smoked them that there were going to be consequences. Same thing goes for all xbox developments. You know what your getting yourself into, don't try to blame the creator for your mishaps.

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Post by aarkvard » Wed Oct 13, 2004 4:26 pm

Yeah, have a cigarette :D

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