Running Gentoox on its own HDD ?

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Running Gentoox on its own HDD ?

Post by Shakal » Wed Oct 06, 2004 11:19 pm


First i must say sorry for my bad english, i am german, but i try to give my best :-) !

I have a XBOX V 1.6, and i have already installed a SmartXX V2 -ModChip.

On the Chip i flashed the newest Bios version from GentooX. It works fine!

now i want to install Gentoox on a new 200GB Hard Disk Drive.

But it the Tutorial it says that there are 3 installation types: E, F and Native.

on each of this methods there is the Original Dashboard still installed.

Well i would like to make a data/web Server, so i do not need the Original Dashboard.

i want to install linux in the way how it is on a "normal" Computer...

i want to press the power button and then GentooX should boot.

Is there any possibillity to realize this?

I hope Somebody can help me,

Thank You,


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Post by nobspangle » Thu Oct 07, 2004 4:58 pm

Choose native as your installation type, this will still leave you with the standard xbox partitions C,E,X,Y,Z but they only need 8GB the rest will be available to your gentoox system, then flash your chip with the latest gentoox loader (which you say you've done) and gentoox will boot automatically after about 5 seconds.
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Post by Tsuroerusu » Sun Dec 12, 2004 2:19 pm

I can think of a few ways to do a 100% native install, not that hard.

On a desktop Linux PC you can mount the rootfs loopback filesystem and extract it's file (I don't remember the command, as of writing) and then you can have the 200 GB drive attached and copy all the files out of the loopback file system and onto "real" partitions. After that I'd say you need to re-write the /etc/fstab file, there might be more config files you need to edit, but I'm really not an expert on Linux, I just know very few tricks.

I know ShALLaX won't support this, because he don't want n00bs to waste their Xbox'es by doing so. But I'm just saying that it isn't impossible to do :wink:

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Post by cheesyboofs » Fri Jan 28, 2005 10:05 am

Sorry to hijack your post Shakal but I've been asking this question in the noob section for a couple of days with little (or no) responce viewtopic.php?t=2564
My question is, if I do a (native) install then every time I do a reinstall, for what ever reason, does it alway reformat my entier 200Gb (F) drive? forcing me to try and back up 200GB.
If so that would leave an (e) drive install, then one could safely nuke the old install without touching the (f) drive. So how then do you format up the (f) drive into a linux partition (for long file name support) so Gentoox can see it?

A small TUT on this would help alot guys!

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