Error installing gentoo home edition

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Error installing gentoo home edition

Post by Riddla » Fri Sep 10, 2004 10:27 am

Ladies wassup i got this error which i don't understand

i leeched the home version of gentoox i unpacked the distro.rar and fxped it into my E: drive o n the xbox
i started the gentooxx.xbe file which boots the gentoox loader(XBE) v4.5

after 2 secs i get this error

Boot: Linuxbootcfg found, config loaded.
Boot: Loading kernel '/vmlinuz' ....getNextClusterInChain:attempt to access invalid

after that it stops.
What could this be ???? i also treid to store it on my root of F same error
like when i put it in my E /

well i hope you guys can help me

i got a executer 2.2 lite xhip with a 1.4 xbox running evox and a 160 gb disk Xebian wasn't a problem to install btw

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