Xbox VNC Secure Tunneling with PuttY

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Xbox VNC Secure Tunneling with PuttY

Post by trixter » Tue Feb 24, 2004 4:52 pm

Most of you linux experts probably already know this, but on the chance it will help someone else let me share my "discovery". I wanted to establish a secure connection to by xbox from a remote site over the internet. I found this article to help me out:

I simply followed the instructions and opened port 22 (ssh) on my router to the xbox. I used ports 5900 and 5905 for the VNC server on the LAN as stated in the article. Works geat! You see the same gentoox screen as you would on port 5800 in the browser of your local PC. When you enable compression it seems to be close to real time with a broadband connection. Gentoox really is wonderful ShallaX! Have fun.

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