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Flashing BIOS when installing MCE

Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2004 1:51 am
by kopibean
Hi, I have read the tutorial to install MCE and was worry about the required BIOS flash as part of the installation process. The XBox is modded with a DUOX2 modchip with the following features:
- Flash bank 0 - X2 4979 BIOS (LBA48-67 / IGR)
- Flash bank 1 - Evox M8 1.6 BIOS (LBA48-67 / IGR)

Will the bios flash required during MCE installation delete the current modchip bios? And will I still be able to the run the original MS Dashboard, the Excueter2 Dashboard after the bios flash? I am a newbies in this area and hope some expert will help to answer my query before I proceed with the MCE installation. (PS: My current Xbox has GentooX Home 3.1 installed)

Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2004 9:07 am
by nobspangle
First up remember that MCE will delete everything on your F and G drives.

The installer will attempt to flash a bios to your modchip, my recomendation is to put your chip on write protect and then do the flashing yourself. That way you only need to use one of your banks.

Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2004 3:03 am
by kopibean
Hi, just one more question before I proceed to install MCE over the weekend. Will I still be able to run my Xecuter2/Evo Dashboard and run modded game after flashing the BIOS with MCE?

Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2004 3:34 am
by kopibean
Hi, I have checked that my modchip doesn't have a write-protect function built-in. Is there anyway that I can install MCE without the installation program to auto-flash the bios?

Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2005 10:32 am
by nobspangle
I don't think so, what you need to do is backup your bios then you can put it back afterwards if MCE flashes over the top of it.