Gentoox Home 3.1 & MCE problem-unflashed TSOP?

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Gentoox Home 3.1 & MCE problem-unflashed TSOP?

Post by bclapp » Wed Sep 22, 2004 12:20 am

I am trying to install these two versions on a premodded xbox I bought a couple years ago. When I put in either install disk, it ejects the disk and says to insert it, then when I put the tray back in the system simply shutsdown.
Now, its on a xbox I bought premodded a couple years ago and have been using Evox with a 120g HDD since then and had assumed that the BIOS were flashable, but is this error occuring because they aren't? or am I just missing something that someone could point out? If it is the BIOS, what should I do, will the mechinstaller thing work? Can I use a non-original version because I already have modchip installed? I would prefer not to spend more money on this machine, thats the whole reason I am putting Linux on it.
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Post by nobspangle » Wed Sep 22, 2004 4:13 pm

your bios may be flashable, but it may be protected. You'll have to open up your box and find out what kind of chip it is. Also try upgrading your dodgy dashboard software. Newer versions have more joy with gentoox
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