MCE 1.3 - XBOX v1.6 - SmartXX chip - issues

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MCE 1.3 - XBOX v1.6 - SmartXX chip - issues

Post by Hansi » Wed Jun 22, 2005 12:59 pm

I've just started testing MCE v1.3.

The test XBOX is a version 1.6, probably 1.6b (brand new)
SmartXX chip and 120GB disc currently installed.

I'll update this thread with any issues I will encounter while testing.

So far:

SmartXX OS version 3345 complains about "Wrong xbox version" when I launch the Gentoo Loader bios. It still boots after OK:ing the info.

SmartXX use that function to protect its users from using the wrong bios, i.e. M8PLUS_16 on a pre v1.6 box or vice versa. Something regarding registers that need to be initialized in different ways and is supposedly dangerous to the xbox hardware if you do it wrong. I dont know how that applies to cromwell/cromwell based bioses as I have not read up on it or done any testing.

When I tested with a 3.rd party RGB cable, the picture is only in green. Using a regular composite video cable (as out of the box) i get color.

If you have a quick answer on how to change the configuration to work better with the RGB cable please let me know. Its gonna take me a couple of days to read up on all the gentoo stuff :-)

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